Alexandru Șoltoianu Collection at National Archive of Mol...
Foreign Croatica Collection
Film Notations of European Solidarity Centre
Jiří Lederer Collection of the Czechoslovak Documentation...
Vjesnik Newspaper Documentation
Roger Loewig Collection
Slovak Office for Press and Information
Karl Laantee collection at the Estonian Cultural History ...
Jan Patočka Archives
Ivan Medek Collection of the Czechoslovak Documentation C...
Polish Underground Publications Collection at Polish Libr...
Czech Exile Collection at Libri Prohibiti
Former Tito Archive
Sixtiers Museum Collection
Foreign Samizdat Collection at Libri Prohibiti
Vytautas Skuodis Collection
Rimantas Jasas collection
Rudi Supek Personal Papers
Sighet Memorial - Museum Collection
Eastern Archive of the KARTA Centre
Adrian Marino Collection at BCU Cluj-Napoca
Peroutka, Ferdinand. Inaugural Speech in the RFE, 1951. T...
Mihai Moroșanu Private Collection
Collection of Historical Interviews at the National Széch...
Viktoras Petkus Collection
Václav Havel Collection of the Czechoslovak Documentation...
Sergei Soldatov personal archive
Indrek Hirv's art collection
Intelligence Files of the State Security Service for Croatia
Interviews Collection of the Oral History Center
Petru Negură Private Collection
Eginald Schlattner Collection at Teutsch Haus Sibiu
Czech Samizdat Collection at Libri Prohibiti
Two letters from Mykhailyna Kotsiubynka to Zina Genyk-Ber...
Three letters from Mykhailyna Kotsiubynska to Zina Genyk ...
Bratislavské listy Editorial Office Archive
Zina Genyk-Berezovska Collection
Bishop Alojzij Šuštar Collection
Kazys Boruta Collection
Michal Šufliarsky Collection
Iljko Karaman Collection of Court Records on Censorship
Serke, Jürgen. Escape to the Madhouse, in German, 1981. C...
Documents of György and Miklós Krassó (1956-1989)
Seeds of Fear
Gábor Klaniczay's private collection
Augustinas Janulaitis Collection
Commission for Ideological and Political Work of People's...
Zoltán Rostás Oral History Private Collection
Everyday Life in Southwest Bulgaria during Socialism
Aurel and Emil Cioran Collection at ASTRA Library Sibiu
Zvonimir Kulundžić Collection
Václav Havel Library
Istrian Fighter Digital Collection
Lithuanian Communist Party Central Committee Collection (...
Slovak Samizdat Online Collection
Samizdat Collection of Czechoslovak Documentation Centre
Jan Zahradníček Collection at the Museum of Czech Literature
Ideological Commission of the Central Committee of the Le...
Samizdat Collection at Petőfi Literary Museum (PLM)
Exhibits of European Solidarity Centre
Blatný, Ivan. Old Addresses, in Czech, 1979. Typescript
Tower Museum of Petko Ogoyski
Mērija Grīnberga junior collection
Manuscript magazines at the Estonian Cultural History Arc...
Stasi records
Printer Krumpholc
Commission on Religious Matters of the Vinkovci Municipal...
Periodical Auseklis Collection
Zaharia Doncev Collection at SIS Archive Moldova
Interviews about Jewish identity in the 1980s
Polish Underground Library at Libri Prohibiti
Memory of Nations
State Security and the Bulgarian Intelligentsia
Hristo Damyanov Ognyanov Collection
Resistance of Turkish Minority in Bulgaria
Documents of Moldavian Union of Cinematographers (MUC). F...
Gheorghe Muruziuc Collection at SIS Archive Moldova
Croatian State Security Service Collection on Religious C...
Ferdinand Peroutka Collection at the Museum of Czech Lite...
VONS Collection at Libri Prohibiti
Ion Monoran Private Collection
Prison on Lonskogo Street
KGB Documents Online Collection
Documents of Moldavian Writers’ Union (MWU). Fond P-2955 ...
Only the Forbidden Newspapers Remain in History
Mojmír Vaněk Collection
Artpool Art Research Center
Usatiuc-Ghimpu-Graur Collection (National Patriotic Front...
Jindřich Štreit in Sovinec Collection
Vasyl Stus Collection
Collection of Lénárd Ödön
Krunoslav Draganović Collection on World War II and Post-...
Invisible Society of Soviet-era Lithuania
Archive of the GDR-Opposition at the Robert Havemann Society
Nicolae Dragoș Collection at National Archive Moldova
Anton Vovk Collection
Binka Zhelyazkova Film Collection
Archives of Suppressed Literature in the GDR
Collection of documents of the Central Commitee of the La...
Arsenie Platon Collection at SIS Archive Moldova
Pavel Doronin Collection at SIS Archive Moldova
Gáspár Nagy Memorial House
Lithuanian Communist Party Central Committee collection (...
Glavlit (Lithuania) collection
Zsolt Csalog collection
Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas Collection