The section entitled Collisions presents open confrontations with the system, including individual and group initiatives and brave and daring acts (protests, strikes, and the at times shockingly bold acts committed by individuals) which had unambiguous political messages and which were very clearly visible to the regime and the public.

Opposition on the eve of the Luxemburg-Liebknecht Demonst...
Ecological Protests against the Chlorine Pollution in Rousse
Chart of Paul Goma’s Personal Connections
Bratislava aloud
"Candle Demonstration" on 25 March 1988 in Bratislava
State Security Files: Secrets and Publicness
Protest against the construction of the Czechoslovak-Hung...
Alla Horska
Resistance of Turkish Minority in Bulgaria
Interview with Shukrije Gashi
Reclaiming the access to the Stasi records
Soviet Moldavian KGB. Romanian flag made by Gheorghe Muru...
Secretly taken photo from the forced labour camp in Belene
Poster with an invitation for a students' general strike ...
Human rights activists and relief smugglers in Ceauşescu’...
Varga, István. Pro Domo Dei, 1990
Göncz Árpád
Romas Kalanta KGB album
Poster „No More Vain Promises by the Neighbours”
Matthias Domaschk (1957-1981)