political opposition
Milovan Đilas Collection
Mihajlo Mihajlov Collection
Ionică, Lucian. Wounded children, Timișoara, 1989. Photo
Hall of flags without coats of arms from the Revolution o...
Foreign Croatica Collection
Samizdat Collection of Czechoslovak Documentation Centre
Items commemorating the youngest victim of the Revolution...
Film Notations of European Solidarity Centre
Family Collection of Árpád Göncz's Heritage
Supek, Ivan, ed. Encyclopaedia moderna, 1966. Journal
Black Box Foundation Video Archive at OSA
Victor Frunză Collection at IICCMER
Soros Foundation–Hungary Records
Films from secret service surveillance, videos, 1960s-1980s
Samizdat Collection at Petőfi Literary Museum (PLM)
Edvard Kocbek Collection
Exhibits of European Solidarity Centre
Krzysztof Skiba Private Archive
Milan Jelínek Collection at the Moravian Museum
Karl Laantee collection at the Estonian Cultural History ...
Tower Museum of Petko Ogoyski
Jan Patočka Archives
Mihajlov, Mihajlo. “Moscow Summer” (in English), 1965. Ma...
Film Archive of the Video Studio Gdansk
Józef and Dąbrówka Figiela's Stamps from the Gdansk Strik...
Stasi records
Unknown author. Questionnaire, in Hungarian, 1987–1989. M...
Revolution of 1989 in Timișoara - Private Photograph Coll...
Photos of Golden Wedding of H. Gordon Skilling and his wi...
Foreign Samizdat Collection at Libri Prohibiti
Polish Underground Library at Libri Prohibiti
Yugoslav Cominformists in Prague
Memory of Nations
Clandestine film from Jerzy Popiełuszko's funeral, video,...
KwieKulik Archive
Hristo Damyanov Ognyanov Collection
Adrian Marino Collection at BCU Cluj-Napoca
Resistance of Turkish Minority in Bulgaria
Institute of National Remembrance Archives
Founding statement of the Committee for the Defense of th...
Report by Constantin Cesianu for the General Assembly of ...
Skilling H. Gordon Collection of the Czechoslovak Documen...
Heiner Müller Archive / Transitroom
Collection of Historical Interviews at the National Széch...
The legal situation and the clandestine activities of the...
Viktoras Petkus Collection
Environmental protests in Omiš in 1979, ad hoc collection
Bogdan Radica Collection
Foreign Exile Collection at Libri Prohibiti
Ellenpontok Ad-hoc Collection at CNSAS
Portraits of Artists in Mistrzejowice Church, photo series.
Matica hrvatska Collection
János Dobri Collection of the Reformed Congregation of Cl...
Letter from Victor Frunză to Eugen Ionescu in Paris, in R...
Juhan Aare collection
Pavel Kohout Collection at the Moravian Museum
Two Years for Poetry - “Đogo Case”, 1981
Raţiu–Tilea Archives of the Romanian Exile Collection at ...
Photographic Collection of European Solidarity Centre
Ion Dumitru Collection at IICCMER
The documents of Cultural Forum and Counter-Forum Budapes...
Augustin Juretić Collection
Testimony of Andrej Aplenc about imprisonment on the isla...
Lovinescu–Ierunca Collection at Oradea University Library
Only the Forbidden Newspapers Will be Remembered
Charter 77, 1. 1. 1977.
Alenka Puhar Collection on the Human Rights Movement
László Szabédi Memorial House
Mojmír Vaněk Collection
The Bulletin of the Democracy International Committee to ...
Milan Hübl Collection
Gane, Ștefan. Protest against the demolition of historic ...
Protest letters against construction of Pļaviņas HES in 1958
C.A.D.D.Y. Bulletin Collection
Rusko Matulić Collection
Pavao Tijan Collection
Jiří Lederer Collection of the Czechoslovak Documentation...
The documents of SZETA - Hungarian dissidents' Fund for A...
Letter from Virgil Ierunca to Sanda Budiș, in Romanian, 2...
Family Collection of István Bibó's Heritage
Vjesnik Newspaper Documentation
FAZ Article about Letter from Victor Frunză to Nicolae Ce...
Tamás Csapody’s private collection
Personal notes of the Founder, In: ’Yearbook of Soros Fou...
Milan Šimečka Collection of the Czechoslovak Documentatio...
Collection on Djilas Supporters in Croatia
Original Broadside of Third Universal, November 7, 1917. ...
Charter 77 Collection of the Czechoslovak Documentation C...
Gane, Ștefan. Mihai Vodă Church, 1984. Photo
Collection of Vargha János
Ivan Medek Collection of the Czechoslovak Documentation C...
Polish Underground Publications Collection at Polish Libr...
Jan Tesař Collection at the Moravian Museum
Czech Exile Collection at Libri Prohibiti
Underground Postage Stamps of Michał Guć
Everyday life East. A digital guide to everyday life in t...
Jiří Ruml Collection
Black Book - Documentation Collection
Ante Ciliga Collection
Rudi Supek Collection
Sighet Memorial - Museum Collection
Photos from Independent Demonstrations for Peace, 1983
State Security and the Bulgarian Intelligentsia
Vest with bullet holes, December 1989
Project for supporting democratic organisations, In: ’Yea...
Peroutka, Ferdinand. Inaugural Speech in the RFE, 1951. T...
Solidarity Collection at the British Library
D-Fund Prohibited Literature (1945-1991)
Newsletter Help and Action, 1977.
Protest campaign against construction of the Daugavpils H...
Márton, Áron. 2016. Egyház – Állam (Church – State). Draw...
Raţiu–Tilea Personal Library Collection at BCU Cluj–Napoca
Ferdinand Peroutka Collection at the Museum of Czech Lite...
Sanda Stolojan Collection at IICCMER
Václav Havel Collection of the Czechoslovak Documentation...
Oral History Archive at the KARTA Centre Foundation
Fuck 89 Collection
Ştefan Gane Collection at IICCMER
Zhelyu Zhelev Collection
Sergei Soldatov personal archive
Pugwash Movement Collection
Franjo Tuđman Website
Smoloskyp collection (Museum-Archive and Documentation Ce...
Document Collection of the Civic Movement Archive in Leipzig
Bokor Religious Base Community Collection
Konzerva - Atmosféra 1970 - Nedýchateľné
Ivana Tigridová Collection of the Czechoslovak Documentat...
Interviews Collection of the Oral History Center
Zoran Đinđić Personal Collection at the Archives of Serbia
Miko Tripalo Collection
Zoran Đinđić Library at the Zoran Đinđić Foundation
Ionică, Lucian. Revolution of 1989 - Living statue, Timiș...
Sanda Budiș Collection at IICCMER
Jaroslav Šabata Collection