political opposition
Gane, Ștefan. Protest against the demolition of historic ...
Protest letters against construction of Pļaviņas HES in 1958
Samizdat Collection of Czechoslovak Documentation Centre
Pavao Tijan Papers
Jiří Lederer Collection of the Czechoslovak Documentation...
Letter from Virgil Ierunca to Sanda Budiș, in Romanian, 2...
Vjesnik Newspaper Documentation
Exhibits of European Solidarity Centre
Krzysztof Skiba Private Archive
Karl Laantee collection at the Estonian Cultural History ...
Gane, Ștefan. Mihai Vodă Church, 1984. Photo
Ivan Medek Collection of the Czechoslovak Documentation C...
Stasi records
Unknown author. Questionnaire, in Hungarian, 1987–1989. M...
Foreign Samizdat Collection at Libri Prohibiti
Polish Underground Library at Libri Prohibiti
Rudi Supek Personal Papers
Sighet Memorial - Museum Collection
Hristo Damyanov Ognyanov Collection
Adrian Marino Collection at BCU Cluj-Napoca
Peroutka, Ferdinand. Inaugural Speech in the RFE, 1951. T...
Protest campaign against construction of the Daugavpils H...
Collection of Historical Interviews at the National Széch...
Ferdinand Peroutka Collection at the Museum of Czech Lite...
Sanda Stolojan Collection at IICCMER
Václav Havel Collection of the Czechoslovak Documentation...
Ştefan Gane Collection at IICCMER
Letter from Victor Frunză to Eugen Ionescu in Paris, in R...
Juhan Aare collection
Raţiu–Tilea Archives of the Romanian Exile Collection at ...
Photographic Collection of European Solidarity Centre
Ion Dumitru Collection at IICCMER
Zoran Đinđić Personal Collection at the Archives of Serbia
Only the Forbidden Newspapers Remain in History
Ionică, Lucian. Living statue, Timișoara, 1989. Photo
Jaroslav Šabata Collection
Commission for the Examination of Nationalist Phenomena i...
Invitation from Ion Rațiu to Sanda Budiș for the First Fr...
Rudolf Mihle Collection
Samizdat issue of Ellenpontok No. 8, in Hungarian, Octobe...
Hans Otto Roth Collection at Black Church Archives Brașov
Éva Cseke-Gyimesi Collection at BCU Cluj-Napoca
Zina Genyk-Berezovska Collection
Letter from Nicolae Lupan to Sanda Budiș, in Romanian, 13...
Bishop Alojzij Šuštar Collection
Jürgen Nagel Photography Collection
Archive of the GDR-Opposition at the Robert Havemann Society
Nicolae Dragoș Collection at National Archive Moldova
Documents of the Danube Circle's Association
Memorial to the Revolution of 16–22 December 1989 in Timi...
Documents of György and Miklós Krassó (1956-1989)
Ljubomir Tadić Collection
Ecological Protests against the Chlorine Pollution in Ruse
Prosvjeta Collection
Solidarity Posters Collection
Commission for Ideological and Political Work of People's...
Archives of National Commission of Solidarity Trade Union
Nikola Čolak Collection
Mircea Carp Collection at BCU Cluj-Napoca
Václav Havel Library
The Bulletin of the Democracy International Committee to ...
Ionică, Lucian. Wounded children, Timișoara, 1989. Photo
Hall of flags without coats of arms from the Revolution o...
Foreign Croatica Collection
Items commemorating the youngest victim of the Revolution...
Film Notations of European Solidarity Centre
Supek, Ivan, ed. Encyclopaedia moderna, 1966. Journal
Victor Frunză Collection at IICCMER
FAZ Article about Letter from Victor Frunză to Nicolae Ce...
Samizdat Collection at Petőfi Literary Museum (PLM)
Milan Šimečka Collection of the Czechoslovak Documentatio...
Original Broadside of Third Universal, November 7, 1917. ...
Tower Museum of Petko Ogoyski
Jan Patočka Archives
Polish Underground Publications Collection at Polish Libr...
Czech Exile Collection at Libri Prohibiti
Revolution of 1989 in Timișoara - Private Photograph Coll...
Black Book - Documentation Collection
Ante Ciliga Collection
Memory of Nations
State Security and the Bulgarian Intelligentsia
Vest with bullet holes, December 1989
Resistance of Turkish Minority in Bulgaria
Report by Constantin Cesianu for the General Assembly of ...
Heiner Müller Archive / Transitroom
Raţiu–Tilea Personal Library Collection at BCU Cluj–Napoca
Viktoras Petkus Collection
Bogdan Radica Collection
Foreign Exile Collection at Libri Prohibiti
Fuck 89 Collection
Zhelyu Zhelev Collection
Sergei Soldatov personal archive
Pugwash Movement Collection
Document Collection of the Civic Movement Archive in Leipzig
Bokor Religious Base Community Collection
Interviews Collection of the Oral History Center
Miko Tripalo Personal Papers
Zoran Đinđić Library at the Zoran Đinđić Foundation
Sanda Budiș Collection at IICCMER
Mojmír Vaněk Collection
Czech Samizdat Collection at Libri Prohibiti
Miroslav Brandt Papers
Vinko Nikolić Collection
Ivan Dejmal Collection at Libri Prohibiti
Rotblat, Joseph, ed. Proceeding of the First Pugwash Conf...
National Pantheon Foundation
Lazar Stojanović Collection
Opus bonum - Symposiums in Franken
Fištrović Collection
Invisible Society of Soviet-era Lithuania
Iljko Karaman Collection of Court Records on Censorship
Call for Protest in Support of the “Arrested” Editors of ...
The Archives of Transition 1989-1991
Public Against Violence
Protest message of the International Association for the ...
Nebojša Popov Collection
Archives of Suppressed Literature in the GDR
Gábor Klaniczay's private collection
Thuringian Archive for Contemporary History 'Matthias Dom...
Pavel Doronin Collection at SIS Archive Moldova
Everyday Life in Southwest Bulgaria during Socialism
Zsolt Csalog collection