art and culture
Wojciech Zamecznik Collection at Archeology of Photograph...
Istrian Fighter Digital Collection
Material about "Hammer-Rehwü", 1982
Kazimiera Zimblytė's Balta kompozicija (White Composition)
Tomasz Konart's "Conversation and Photography" Documentation
National Film Archive - Audiovisual Institute Collection
Erdély, Miklós. Poetry as a Self Assembling System, 1973....
Paul Kondas painting collection
Sirje Kiin Private Archive
Zoltán Kallós Ethnographic Private Collection
Noroc Collection at AOSPR Moldova
Pavao Tijan Collection
Jan Zahradníček Collection at the Museum of Czech Literature
Once we went, 1972. Photo series
Family Collection of Árpád Göncz's Heritage
Pál Deim: Two Women, 1965. Painting
Folk Dance House Archives
Tomasz Sikorski Collection on P.O. Box 17 Gallery
Ladislav Mňačko Collection at the Museum of Czech Literature
For the Democratization of Art Collection at the Museum o...
Mihai Manea Private Poster Collection
Nelu Stratone Private Musical Records Collection
Open Letter to the Yugoslav Public
Concert of the rock band Azra in Gospić, 1978. Photo
Forms of Resistance in Fine Arts
Declaration on the Name and Status of the Croatian Litera...
Fulgosi, Nikša, dir. Romantic Problems of Pepek Gumbas an...
Archive of the Studio Theatre
Mihai Stănescu Caricature Collection
Soros Foundation–Hungary Records
Samizdat Collection at Petőfi Literary Museum (PLM)
Student - Journal
Edvard Kocbek Collection
Ewa Partum performance "Stupid Woman", photo, 1981
Unknown author. Concert poster, in Romanian, 10 May 1985
Invitation for the IHF Cultural Symposium, Budapest, 15-1...
Koszits, Attila New Wave Collection
Krzysztof Skiba Private Archive
Fulgosi, Nikša, dir. A Hundred Beauties per Day, 1971. Film
Velid Đekić Collection of Rock and Disco Culture in Rijeka
Zbigniew Dłubak Collection at Archeology of Photography F...
Srđan Hofman's Music Collection
Jiří and Běla Kolář Collection
Fulgosi, Nikša. Screenplay for the movie “The Late Handsh...
Everybody with Anybody, 1982. Book
Erdély, Miklós, Jovánovics, György, Major, János. János M...
Kántor, István (Monty Cantsin). Ámen!: Filliou séance, 2 ...
Jonas Jurašas collection
Manuscript magazines at the Estonian Cultural History Arc...
Family of Clear Streams - Art Commune
Jan Tesař Collection at the Moravian Museum
Bondy, Egon. The Invalid Siblings, 1974. Manuscript
Mňačko, Ladislav. Tschistka (Purge), 1980. Book
Mattis-Teutsch, Hans. Forestry Worker, n.d. Painting
Everyday life East. A digital guide to everyday life in t...
Imre Baász: Bar breaker [A rácstörő/ Spărgătorul de grati...
Vilnius University Party Committee Collection (1945-1986)
Audiotapes of Macskarádió (Cat Radio)
Veljo Tormis' manuscript collection at the Estonian Theat...
Raša Todosijević, Was ist Kunst, Marinela Koželj?, 1978, ...
Imre Baász: Step by step [Lépésről lépésre], 1983, mail art
Ivan Blatný Collection at the Museum of Czech Literature
Artists' Archives of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw
Manuscript of poetry book "Seed in Snow" written in impri...
Museum of Lies Collection
Concerning the censorship of Lucian Pintilie’s film De ce...
Šavrda, Jaromír. The Prisoner No. 1260, 1982. Manuscript
ARS – First Series Collection
State Security and the Bulgarian Intelligentsia
Tomasz Sikorski Collection on the Biennial of Spatial For...
Milovan Đilas Collection
Filliou, Robert. Poipoidrom, 1998. Installation
Securitate. About Herta Müller’s Niederungen (Nadirs), Ma...
Ha minden jól megy [’If everything goes well’. A literary...
Mihajlo Mihajlov Collection
Imre Baász: The Burial of the Suitcase [A bőrönd elásása]...
Polja (Fields), magazine for culture and art collection
FV 112/15 Group Collection
Seifert, Jaroslav. All Beauties of the World, 1970/1975. ...
Foreign Croatica Collection
Lajos Vajda Studio Archive
Artpool Performance Archive
Drábek, Jaroslav. A Contribution to the History of the Be...
Jiří Lederer Collection of the Czechoslovak Documentation...
Erdély, Miklós. Newspaper Cake, 1993. Installation
Water-color painting "25 kilometres from Omsk"
Jaromír and Dolores Šavrda Collection
Knuts Skujenieks collection
Happening "Public art class", 1970
Urbanism, 1976
Književne novine (Literary News)
Paul Goma Private Archive
'The Construction', by Heiner Müller
First Slovak Investment Group´s collection
The Soft Geometry Archives
Led Zeppelin’s first concert, 1968. Pirate record
Andrei Pandele Photograph Private Collection
Collection of the Ideological Commission of the Central C...
Vidici - Journal
Tamás Szőnyei Poster Collection
Video and Audio Library of the Literary Archive of the Mu...
Life Beyond the Pattern of Communism
Méhes, Lóránt. Companionship, 1985. Photopainting
Maróthy, János. Zene és polgár, zene és proletár [Music a...
Personal notes of the Founder, In: ’Yearbook of Soros Fou...
Roger Loewig Collection
Fulgosi, Nikša, dir. Little Jole, 1955. Film
Archive Song and Social Movements
Costina, Sorin. How I became a collector, in Romanian, 19...
Jan Čep Collection of the Czechoslovak Documentation Centre
Blatný, Ivan. Old Addresses, in Czech, 1979. Typescript
Đekić, Velid. Interior of the Husar Club in Rijeka, 2010....
Doina Cornea Private Collection
Performance Series "The End"
Era Milivojević, Taping the Artist, 1971/2007, performanc...
Mimesis Collection
Cassette covers of unofficial Czechoslovak music groups f...
Mihajlov, Mihajlo. “Moscow Summer” (in English), 1965. Ma...
Archive of the Alternative Theatre
Film Archive of the Video Studio Gdansk
Mattis-Teutsch, Hans. Manual workers and intellectuals, [...
Lebel, Jean-Jacques. Hommage a Robert Filliou, 4 April, 1...
Unknown author. Jazz festival poster, in Romanian, April ...
Materials of the 5th Congress of the Latvian Soviet Write...
Balys Sruoga Collection
Molnár, Gergely and István Rész. Anna Frank Memorial Even...
Presence, 1979
Knížák, Milan. Attacks: Book on the "Aktual" group activi...
Sixtiers Museum Collection
Malý Dávid 1
György Kemény, Catalogue of Pál Deim's Exhibition, 1974
Irina Margareta Nistor Private Collection
Foreign Samizdat Collection at Libri Prohibiti
Meilutė Lukšienė collection
Rock Tájoló (Rock Compass), 1984. Fanzine
Fluxus Flags, 1992. Installation
Jan and Meda Mládek Collection
Group of Six Artists
Memory of Nations
Letter of Petru Lucinschi to the Central Committee of the...
KwieKulik Archive
Adrian Marino Collection at BCU Cluj-Napoca