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Jan Zahradníček Collection at the Museum of Czech Literature
For the Democratization of Art Collection at the Museum o...
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Vidici - Journal
Life Beyond the Pattern of Communism
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Krzysztof Skiba Private Archive
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Three letters from Mykhailyna Kotsiubynska to Zina Genyk ...
Polish Punk Collection by Anna Dąbrowska-Lyons
Andrei Partoș – Radio Vacanța-Costinești Private Collection
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Jiří Lederer Collection of the Czechoslovak Documentation...
Književne novine (Literary News)
Forms of Resistance in Fine Art
Archive of the Studio Theatre
Samizdat Collection at Petőfi Literary Museum (PLM)
Roger Loewig Collection
Blatný, Ivan. Old Addresses, in Czech, 1979. Typescript
Srđan Hofman's Music Collection
Mimesis Collection
Balys Sruoga Collection
Irina Margareta Nistor Private Collection
Ivan Blatný Collection at the Museum of Czech Literature
Memory of Nations
Adrian Marino Collection at BCU Cluj-Napoca
Documents of Moldavian Union of Cinematographers (MUC). F...
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Heiner Müller Archive / Transitroom
Fine Art Archive (Czech Republic)
Smells of Brno. Evening of Ivan Blatný’s Poetry, 1968. Po...
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Documents of the Bethlen Gábor Foundation
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Only the Forbidden Newspapers Remain in History
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Michael Shafir Collection at BJC Cluj-Napoca
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Gheorghe Leahu Private Collection
Serke, Jürgen. Escape to the Madhouse, in German, 1981. C...
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EXAT 51 and New Tendencies at the Tošo Dabac Archive
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Gáspár Nagy Memorial House
Everyday Life in Southwest Bulgaria during Socialism
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