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University Pastoral Center Bratislava
Lithuanian Communist Party Central Committee Collection (...
Hidden Galleries Digital Archive
Lajos Vajda Studio Archive
Artpool Performance Archive
Folk Dance House Archives
Information on student activities related to the 23rd ple...
Mihai Manea Private Poster Collection
Nelu Stratone Private Musical Records Collection
Collection of the Calvinist youth congregation of Pasarét
Vidici - Journal
Vjesnik Newspaper Documentation
Video and Audio Library of the Literary Archive of the Mu...
Méhes, Lóránt. Companionship, 1985. Photopainting
Second Directorate of the Soviet Lithuanian KGB
Unknown author. Concert poster, in Romanian, 10 May 1985
Anonymus. Dixi at the terrace of Restaurant Kárpátia, 196...
Krzysztof Skiba Private Archive
Velid Đekić Collection of Rock and Disco Culture in Rijeka
Doina Cornea Private Collection
Hungarian Scout Association in Exteris Collection
Archive of the Alternative Theatre
Film Archive of the Video Studio Gdansk
Lebel, Jean-Jacques. Hommage a Robert Filliou, 4 April, 1...
Unknown author. Jazz festival poster, in Romanian, April ...
Czech Exile Collection at Libri Prohibiti
Elza Rudenāja and Vladislavs Urtāns collection on preserv...
Molnár, Gergely and István Rész. Anna Frank Memorial Even...
Diósi Pál's collection
Vilnius University Party Committee Collection (1945-1986)
Students’ Unrest. „Red University“, Photography, Belgrade...
Heiko Hahnewald Breakdance Collection
Jiří Ruml Collection
Homérosz Association - Háttér Society Archives
First River Daugava Festivity in 1979
Polish Underground Library at Libri Prohibiti
Memory of Nations
Twelfth issue of "Sci-fi Magazine"
Király Tamás legacy
Inconnu Art Group. State security photos of a banned exhi...
Mihai Moroșanu Private Collection
Collection of photo negatives of photographer Krišs Rake
Various documents of Lithuanian KGB departments
Rev, Jona (Veronika). Lilit, 1985. Poster
Tamás Cseh Archive
The photo collection of Lóránt Méhes
Artpool Experimental Poetry Collection
Estonian Students' Building Brigade archive at the Nation...
Fuck 89 Collection
Religious sociological collection of István Kamarás
Black Hole Underground Club. Nagy, Gyula Private Collection
Artpool Radio 1-8 (1983-1987)
Bronius Krivickas collection
Roma Archive Digital Collection
The society of students of Faculty of Arts, UJEP Brno Col...
Liget Gallery Archive
Smoloskyp collection (Museum-Archive and Documentation Ce...
Interview with Nicolae Covaci, 5 May 2009, Bucharest
Lesbian Library and Archive at ŠKUC LL
Bokor Religious Base Community Collection
Copy of a criminal indictment against student leaders. 11...
Artpool Mail Art Archive
Queer Archives Institute
Kosovo 1968 Demonstrations
Archive of László Beke
Archives of the Jesuit Order Hungary
Wood-carved badges of the members of Clubul Regilor Liber...
Artpool Fluxus Collection
Czech Samizdat Collection at Libri Prohibiti
Istrian Fighter Digital Collection
Polja (Fields), magazine for culture and art collection
FV 112/15 Group Collection
Samizdat Collection of Czechoslovak Documentation Centre
Noroc Collection at AOSPR Moldova
Marošević, Toni. Notes for “Frigidna utičnica” [The Frigi...
Gheorghe Zgherea Collection at SIS Archive Moldova
Letter from Juliana Jirousová to I. M. Jirous, 10 Septemb...
Pamphlet of support for Croatian reformist and nationally...
The Soft Geometry Archives
Andrei Pandele Photograph Private Collection
Viks, special issue, 1984. Magazine
The Word of Master Petar Danov
Student - Journal
Horvat, Vlatka. The students of the 4K grade at Norijada ...
Exhibits of European Solidarity Centre
Koszits, Attila New Wave Collection
History of Homosexuality in Croatia Collection
Đekić, Velid. Interior of the Husar Club in Rijeka, 2010....
Aktionsgruppe Banat. Engagement, in German, 1974. Manuscript
Mērija Grīnberga junior collection
Jonas Jurašas collection
Manuscript magazines at the Estonian Cultural History Arc...
Tramps' written materials
Protest against the Assassination of Patrice Lumumba, Pho...
Improvised climbing harness
Student magazine "Ruch"
Everyday life East. A digital guide to everyday life in t...
Knížák, Milan. Attacks: Book on the "Aktual" group activi...
Circle of History Students
Cornea, Doina. Stop the demolition of the Romanian villag...
Audiotapes of Macskarádió (Cat Radio)
Irina Margareta Nistor Private Collection
Rock Tájoló (Rock Compass), 1984. Fanzine
Rimantas Jasas collection
Museum of Lies Collection
KwieKulik Archive
Orfeo Collection in the Historical Archives of the Hungar...
Kálmándy, Ferenc Photo Archives
Inheritance of Oto Tasinato
Kosovo 1981 Demonstrations
Tomasz Sikorski Collection on Graffiti in Poland
Pandele Andrei, Translation of Mihai Vodă Church, 1986. P...
Tomasz Sikorski Collection on Art on the Streets in Poland
Oral History Archive at the KARTA Centre Foundation
The Beatles. Complete vinyl collection
Oral History Collection at CNSAS
Varieties of Religious Dissent Ad-hoc Collection at CNSAS
Transnational Roma Networks Ad-hoc Collection at CNSAS
Club A - Mirel Leventer Private Collection
Women’s Activism in Kosovo
Ion Monoran Private Collection
Indrek Hirv's art collection
Young-Tartu collection
No Art Collection
Hungarian Rock Museum and Hall of Fame
Photographic Collection of European Solidarity Centre
Hidoș, Emil. Musical publication Wald old popp, in Romani...
Romas Kalanta collection
Interviews Collection of the Oral History Center
Petru Negură Private Collection
Art Collections at the Museum of Czech Literature
Klaniczay, Júlia. The Mukhina Project, 2018. Book
Egon Bondy Collection at the Museum of Czech Literature
Juliana Jirousová Letters Collection at Libri Prohibiti
Leaflet in defence of Ivan Martin Jirous
Interieur Underground
Braşov - Oraşul Memorabil Collection