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Since 2003, the Tragor Ignác Museum has operated under the auspices of the Municipality of Vác. Its collection covers four areas: local history, ethnography, the fine arts, and archaeology. Its exhibitions are housed in several different places throughout the city. At the main building, there is no exhibition.

The Téka Band’s club has been one of the most popular dance-houses since 1977. The band presents the complete range of traditional Hungarian, dance, musical instruments and music at several schools and kindergartens as part of the band’s educational concert series entitled “Music of Hungarians.”

  • Location:
    • Budapest, Hungary
  • Name:
    • Téka Band
  • Date of founding:
    • 1976
  • Creator at:

The Ukraine 3000 International Charitable Foundation was founded in 2001 by former first lady Kateryna Yushchenko. It supports programs in three major areas--history and culture, medicine and education. 

  • Location:
    • Kyiv City, Kiev, Ukraine 02000
  • Name:
    • International Charitable Foundation "Ukraine 3000"
  • Date of founding:
    • 2001
  • Name:
    • Ukrainian Heritage Consortium of North America 
  • Date of founding:
    • 2011