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Zagreb Classical Gymnasium Collection

The building of the Classical Gymnasium at Križanićeva ulica 4A in Zagreb. It was designed by architect Egon Steinmann, and the classical students moved in the autumn of 1932. Stipe Šuvar(1936-2004), the main promoter of educational reforms in the spirit of self-management socialism, who abolished gymnasia in 1977. Marijan Bručić (1927-2006), a teacher who rescued the Zagreb classical program from socialist reforms. Sign with the name “Classical Gymnasium” and the commemorative plaque installed on the 400th anniversary of the establishment of the classical gymnasium by the Jesuits in Zagreb. (03-04-2019) Student record book of the Educational Centre for Languages with grades from the years 1988/89 owned by Teodora Shek Brnardić. The future vocation after completion of secondary school is indicated as “associate in cultural-scholarly institutions.”



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  • The Zagreb Classical Gymnasium Collection

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