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Egon Bondy Collection at the Museum of Czech Literature

Egon Bondy (Zbyněk Fišer) (1995) Egon Bondy Collection at the Museum of Czech Literature

This collection of the Czecho-Slovak poet, novelist, playwright, philosopher and “guru” of the Czechoslovak underground, Egon Bondy (real name Zbyněk Fišer, 1930–2007), consists of sources related to the history of the Czechoslovak literary underground and the left-wing opposition to the communist regime.


  • Strahovské nádvoří 1, 118 38 Praha 1 - Hradčany, Czech Republic
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  • Czech

Name of collection

  • Bondy Egon (real name Zbyněk Fišer)

Provenance and cultural activities

Description of content


  • manuscripts (ego-documents, diaries, notes, letters, drafts, etc.): 500-999
  • photos: unknown quantity

Geographical scope of recent operation

  • national

Date of founding

  • 1984

Place of founding

Creator(s) of content

Important events in the history of the collection

Access type

  • visits by appointments

Author(s) of this page

  • Kůželová, Michaela


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The description of this collection was created with the kind help of the director of the Museum of Czech Literature (PNP) Mgr. Zdeněk Freisleben, the head of the Literary Archive of the PNP PhDr. Tomáš Pavlíček, PhD., and the curator of the Literary Archive of the PNP PhDr. Petr Kotyk.

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