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Unveiling the bust of Ion Monoran, Timișoara, December 2014

The unveiling of the bust of Ion Monoran in Timișoara, 16 December 2014


Starting year of event

  • 2014

Main actors

Documents about the event


Ştefan Both. 2014. “Bust pentru Ion Monoran, poetul-erou care a oprit tramvaiele în Piaţa Maria în 16 decembrie 1989” (Bust for Ion Monoran, the hero poet who stopped the trams in Maria Square on 16 December 1989), Adevărul de Timișoara, December 10. Accessed June 12, 2017.

Monoranu, Ana , interview by Pătrăşconiu, Cristian Valeriu , . COURAGE Registry Oral History Collection

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