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Mića Popović - The Scenes Painting

Gvozden in a hostel on the way to the Federal Republic of Germany, 1970



  • Serbian

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  • Mića Popović demonstrated his incompatibility with the system until the end of his life. That let him stay faithful to the ideal of free thinking and expression. The images from Scenes Painting arise from 1968 to 1971. Through that cycle the artist showed a critique of social and political circumstances in socialist Yugoslavia.


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  • 1977

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    Trifunović, Lazar. 1983. Slikarstvo Miće Popovića. [The Painting of Mića Popović] Beograd: Galerija Srpske akademije nauka i umetnosti.

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  • Krstić, Katarina


Gavrić, Zoran; Trifunović, Lazar; Mihailović-Mihiz, Borislav. 1987. Mića Popović 1923-1996, Ljubljana: Mladinska knjiga; Beograd: Književne novine.

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