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Christian Wabl's Mural 'Do ludzi' in Elbląg, photo.

The photography of the mural 'Do ludzi' (To the people) painted by Christian Wabl for the Fifth Biennial of Spatial Forms in Elbląg, in 1973. Photo by Tomasz Sikorski.

The photo shows probably the first artistic mural in Poland, made by Christian Wabl in 1973, during the Fifth Biennial of Spatial Forms Cinema Laboratory (Kino Laboratorium) in Elbląg. The mural showing "a letter to the people" made of flowers' pictographs instead of letters of the alphabet was painted on the wall of the Mechanical Works Zamech company. Tomasz Sikorski made the photo during the Biennale in 1973.


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  • 1973


  • Tomasz Sikorski

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