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Ruşdea, Hedwig. Windmills of Dobrogea – Romania: Description and Typology, in Romanian, 1966. Manuscript

Book cover of a volume gathering some of Ruşdea’s most significant academic contributions: Deleanu, Valerie, and Delia Voina, ed. 2012. Morile de vânt din Dobrogea: Hedwig Ulrike Ruşdea în memoria etnomuzeologiei româneşti (The windmills from Dobrogea region: Hedwig Ulrike Ruşdea within the collective memory of the Romanian ethno-museology). Sibiu: ASTRA Museum.



  • Romanian

Year of creation

  • 1966


  • Fond Hedwig Ruşdea, dosar nr. 139.

Author(s) of this page

  • Pintilescu, Corneliu


Archives of the ASTRA Museum in Sibiu, Collection: Hedwig Ruşdea, file no. 139.


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