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Life Beyond the Pattern of Communism

Sevdalina Panayotova with her student Shinka Taleva, who has played a number of major roles in the theatre spectacles of Sevdalina Panayotova - 'Little Prince', 'The Dream of Prospero' and others. Chepelare, 2007.



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  • Life Beyond the Pattern of Communism

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  • 2016

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  • Panayotova, Sevdalina 2014. Urokat-spektakal. Igrovi metod za priobshtavane kam literaturata [Lesson-Performance  - Game Method of Inclusion in Literature]. Sofia: "Aleksander Panov".

    Панайотова, Севдалина 2014. Урокът спектакъл. Игрови метод за приобщаване към литературата. София:  ИК "Александър Панов".

Author(s) of this page

  • Kasabova, Anelia Dr.


Konstantinov, Georgi 2011. Emigrantski spomeni [Emigrant's Memories], t. 1. Sofia: Shrapnel.

Panayotovi, Teodora I Boryana 2017: Sevdalina Panayotova – uchitel, obshtestvenik, vechniyat dissident [Sevdalina Panayotova – Teacher, Public Figure, the Eternal Dissident]. In: Otzvuk, 25.09. (31.1.2018)

Panayotova, Teodora, interview by Kasabova, Anelia Dr., December 04, 2016. COURAGE Registry Oral History Collection

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