COURAGE at the Fair of European Innovations in Cultural Heritage

2018.11.15. 00:54

COURAGE had an opportunity to take part in the Fair of European Innovations in Cultural Heritage on 15–16 November 2018 in Brussels. 37 projects were introduced at the conference and the related exhibition. 400 participants attended the event, which was hosted in the cultural center in “The EGG Brussels,” an amazing post-industrial building.

Lóránt Bódi, one of the researchers in the COURAGE project, spoke about the undertaking in a short presentation as part of the breakout session. COURAGE was also invited to take part in the plenary session, which was attended by all the participants in the conference. The COURAGE stand attracted numerous curious visitors, including specialists from the Research and Innovation department of the EU and participants in other projects. The program is available here, and the publication on the event is available here.