2018.06.28. 09:37

Budapest, FUGA

14 June-15 July 2018

On 14th June, the first station of the travelling exhibition was opened in FUGA (downtown Budapest) by the title “Risk Factors” (curator: Nikolett Erőss). The opening event provoked great interest, and was conducted by Éva Kovács, the leader of the COURAGE research group at the Institute of Social Sciences at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the main organizer of the exhibition. As a starting act, Zsófia Bán (writer, literary scholar) read her short story describing a peculiar, dystopian day of an imagined worker. The exhibition represents the heterogeneous character of cultural opposition focusing on the collections of the COURAGE Registry. The exhibition uses shelf-structures to arrange the materials as if it was an archive. To the photos, letters, books, posters, state security reports, and other exhibited objects short descriptions are added to create a context for the materials. The exhibition will be open until 15th July. To follow our side events please visit our Facebook page.