Policy Workshop “Coordinating Policy Recommendations for Durable Action”

2017.10.16. 09:44

On the 14th of February 2018, the projects COURAGE and DANDELION invites other H2020 projects in the field of cultural heritage to a Policy Workshop in Brussels, in a joint effort to find responses to questions such as:

How to produce a policy recommendation?

What format should it take so that policy makers read it?

What are the most effective techniques in framing such a document?

How can you effectively address European Commission representatives?

What are the key issues at stake in the cultural heritage field?

How can projects harmonize their recommendations to have a real impact?

This workshop aims to improve the capacity of H2020 projects in the development of policy recommendations, developing synergies and bringing the results directly to representatives of the European Commission and policy makers. The ultimate goal is to enhance the networking capacities of projects and raise the impact of policy recommendations.

We invite all interested projects especially within the framework programme Societal Challenge 6 “Europe in a changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective societies” focusing on cultural heritage to contribute to the workshop.

Participants to the workshop would have the chance to directly address representatives from the European Commission at various levels of the administration and discuss with other projects, about pressing issues and possible solutions.


– How to improve and harmonize the legal environment? What are the main legal obstacles your project faced so far

– What challenges the digital world poses to the field?

– What are the trends of cultural heritage preservation? How do these affect financing research and preservation of the European cultural heritage? Which are the ‘blind spots’ of stakeholders in the field, if any?

– Are there any conflicting interests in key players (institutions) in the field? How could the European Commission contribute to resolving these conflicts?

Brief presentations and world-cafe method will be combined to find out how the projects can assist the work of the Commission more effectively in the cultural heritage field.

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For more information, please contact:

Robert Miskuf (PEDAL Consulting / DANDELION) r.miskuf@pedal-consulting.eu and Tamás Scheibner (COURAGE) scheibner.tamas@btk.mta.hu