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Ortinau, Gerhard. The street ballad of the ten parts of speech of the traditional grammar, in German, 1974. Manuscript

The front cover of the file created by the Securitate on Gerhard Ortinau



  • German

Year of creation

  • 1974


  • ACNSAS, I 233 471


  • Source: CNSAS

Author(s) of this page

  • Petrescu, Cristina
  • Pintilescu, Corneliu


ACNSAS, I 210 845, vol. 2, ff. 14–15.

Iorgulescu, Mircea. 2006. Convorbiri la sfârșit de secol: Editura Fundației Culturale Române (Conversations at the end of the century: The Romanian Cultural Foundation Publishing House). Bucharest: Editura Fundației Culturale Române.


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