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Homérosz Association - Háttér Society Archives

Gossiping and police reports shaped legends of homosexual and queer subcultures in socialist Hungary. The records of the first Hungarian homosexual association provide unique insights into the opportunities for self-organisation and collective identity, beyond official and popular misrepresentation.



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  • Homeros - Lambda Association of Hungarian Homosexuals

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  • grey literature (regular archival documents such as brochures, bulletins, leaflets, reports, intelligence files, records, working papers, meeting minutes): 100-499
  • publications (books, newspapers, articles, press clippings): 100-499



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  • international


Date of founding

  • 1995

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  • Location of Collection of Háttér Society
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  • Hanzli, Péter, Milán Banach Nagy, and B. Gábor Halmai. Meleg férfiak, hideg diktatúrák: életinterjúk. Budapets: Civil Művek Közművelődési Egyesület, 2015.

Author(s) of this page

  • Apor, Péter
  • Bódi, Lóránt


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