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KwieKulik Archive

KwieKulik Archive building ca 2000 in Dąbrowa Leśna near Warsaw.



  • Polish

Name of collection

  • KwieKulik Archive

Provenance and cultural activities

Description of content


  • film: 10-99
  • manuscripts (ego-documents, diaries, notes, letters, drafts, etc.): 1000-
  • memorabilia (posters, flyers, stamps, etc.): 1000-
  • other artworks (that cannot be classified by other filter categories such as paintings, sculptures, graphics, etc.): 10-99
  • other: 10-99
  • photos: 1000-
  • publications (books, newspapers, articles, press clippings): 1000-

Stakeholder(s) of the collection

Geographical scope of recent operation

  • local
  • national

Date of founding

  • 1972

Place of founding

Creator(s) of content

Access type

  • visits by appointments


  • KwieKulik. Zofia Kulik & Przemysław Kwiek, Łukasz Ronduda, Georg Schöllhammer (eds.) Warsaw/Wrocław/Viena 2012.

Author(s) of this page

  • Szenajch, Piotr


Autobiographical narrative interview with Zofia Kulik. Interviewer: Piotr Szenajch. Unpublished material. Interview conducted 4.10.2013.

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Kulik, Zofia, interview by Szenajch, Piotr, January 23, 2018. COURAGE Registry Oral History Collection

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